A project of the Washington State Jewish Historical Society

About the Washington Jewish Museum

Our community’s shared history lives here.

New York Bakery

Samuel Mosler, proprietor of the New York Baking Company, in Pioneer Square in the 1890s.

Since the first Jewish family arrived in Washington State, we’ve been keeping a record of our comings and goings, our births and our deaths, our successes and our failures. All of that recording has enshrined itself in newspapers, magazines, books, movies, websites and more. And now, here, the Washington Jewish Museum brings all of that history together.

As a project of the Washington State Jewish Historical Society, the Washington Jewish Museum has a two-part mission:

  1. To collect and reveal the stories of our Jewish community all the way through today.
  2. To collect and display digital artifacts from our own collection and the collections of any of the members of our state’s Jewish community.

The Washington Jewish Museum welcomes submissions throughout the site based on multiple topics. We are the proud recipient of grants from the King County 4Culture Arts program and the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.

So go ahead and explore. We guarantee you’ll learn something new.

Every day, we’re making history.